Minimum Wage Bill by Mark Leno

Mark Leno is known for being an advocate for the LGBT community. Knowing that the LGBT community is among the most vulnerable given the fact that they are prone to homelessness, he managed to promote equality in the workplace. But he didn’t just provide laws that favored the LGBT community. He was able to advance worker rights. He passed a bill that would raise the minimum wage to $13/hour by 2017.

The SB 3 made it possible for the minimum wage bill to jump from $9 per hour to $11 in 2016, and then $13 in 2017. This was a bill that was co-sponsored by the Western Center on Law and Poverty, United Food and Commercial Workers among many others, This gained the support of pro-worker groups.

But is this good for business? Given the current pandemic, this might not look good for a lot of business owners given the fact that a lot of businesses in the state already filed for bankruptcy and even decided to fire several employees. 2020 isn’t exactly a good year and nobody anticipated that it would end up this way.

Under normal circumstances, this is a good move for the senator and for the rest of the working class who are dealing with the high cost of living in the state of California.

Mark Leno and His Bills In Favor of The LGBT Community

Over the last fifty years, the LGBT community has been looking for changes that will help them live their lives according to the lifestyle that they want. Unfortunately, many have conservative views when it comes to legitimizing LGBT marriages and civil unions. Mark Leno has two landmark laws that helped transgenders. Senate Bill 103 prohibits state agencies to do business with companies that failed to offer the same health benefits their transgender employees that are offered to other workers. This bill aimed to minimize discrimination in the workplace and make sure that the companies are treating everyone equally, transgenders included.

Next, you have the Senate Bill 731 that allowed foster children the right to have placements consistent with their gender identity.

Many favored these bills because of the impact that it can make to the lives of the LGBT community. Next, Mark Leno also made it possible for foster children to have autonomy over their bodies. He even mentioned that he was a foster child for 16 years and he could relate to the pains of these children. This is a good call for Leno since LGBT are more prone to homelessness according to studies.